Draw Your Game

About us and our pens

Who are we?

We are Zero One, an indie studio behind Draw your Game, the famous app which let you create your own video game! The game has been created by Kacem Bekri aka Zerokcm. He's also the mind behind the concept, with his friend Guiguito. Draw Your Game is the result of countless hours of creation, programming and nightmarish debugging with paper and pens. Galaad has recently joined the team, and is mainly working on the Steam version. You can also find him managing Zero One social medias. French Britanny is our home.

How did we build the game?

The concept comes from the dreams of a child. One who wanted to create and play video games, but didn't have a console or a PC. All he had was paper and pens. So he created his own world for platformer games, with paper sheets, and red, green, blue and black pens.

As years passed, the child eventually became a developer. And thanks to mobile technology, his dream was now possible. All he had to do was to develop the game. And he did. Now you can also enjoy it!

What about the geeky stuff?

The game has been developed with Unity 3D (aka the best game engine in the world) in C#. There are some small parts in Java (for Android) and Objective-C (for iOS). A lot of complex algorithms are at the core of the game for the shapes and colors recognition. But that's our secret magic!

Design of the game has been made with Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer.

Draw Your Game